Bridge Builder Pledge Form



The Bridge Builder Excellence Community Pledge

I am a Bridge Builder.

I am inspired to educate, encourage, and empower myself and others to excellence.

I am committed to helping South Carolina students discover their unique gifting and to educate, encourage, and empower them to excellence so they will be college and career ready. 

I am committed to maintaining a positive attitude and respecting myself and all I the community.

I am aware that our state and communities need to "lead together" for a socially and economically strong South Carolina community.

I am standing against the "Tormentors" (abusers, haters, negativity, poverty and other challenges) in our communities in whatever shape or form they may appear!

I am a Bridge Builder.

Together, I believe we can lead South Carolina students to be in the top 10 in the country in college and career readiness by December 31, 2030.

Today, I commit to being a part of the solution by joining this Bridge Builder Excellence Community!

Date: 07/21/2024

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