Boards & Committees

Board of Directors

Jay Blankenship- South Carolina Department of Commerce
Drake Curry- Curry PA
Will Huss- Trehel
Danny Nicholson- Connie Maxwell
Jim Rohrer- TD Bank & My Carolina Greenville Gamecock Club
Jennifer Springer- Vital Care EMS
Bryan Tankersley- Prominence Media/Dark Corner Films
David S. Wyatt - Wyatt Law, P.A. (Chairman)
Stanley Yarborough- Island Exterior Finishes

Board of Advisors

John Abraham- Class of 2018 Inductee
Charlie Brown- Class of 2017 Inductee
Johnny Mack Brown- Former Greenville County Sheriff
Bobby Bryant- Class of 2019 Inductee
Harry Carson- Class of 2013 Inductee
Merl Code, Sr.- Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak, & Stewart P.C.
Jeff Davis- Class of 2016 Inductee
Stephen Davis- Class of 2019 Inductee
Brian Dawkins- Class of 2015 Inductee
Fisher DeBerry- Class of 2017 Inductee
Danny Ford- Class of 2013 Inductee
Steve Fuller- Class of 2019 Inductee
Steve Greer- Class of 2019 Inductee
Henry Harrison- American Services, Inc.
Willie Jeffries- Class of 2013 Inductee
Paul Kennemore- Liaison to the Board of Directors
Levon Kirkland- Class of 2017 Inductee
Paul Maguire- Class of 2018 Inductee
Nicky McCarter- Defender
W. Thomas McQueeney- Medal of Honor Bowl
Stanley Morgan- Class of 2016 Inductee
Michael Dean Perry- Class of 2016 Inductee
William Perry- Class of 2014 Inductee
Dan Reeves- Class of 2015 Inductee
Jerry Richardson-Class of 2015 Inductee
Dave Roberts- Vital Care EMS/Former football coach at Baylor, Notre Dame, and South Carolina
George Rogers- Class of 2013 Inductee
Richard Seymour- Class of 2018 Inductee
Sterling Sharpe- Class of 2014 Inductee
Dal Shealy- Class of 2016 Inductee
Art Shell- Class of 2015 Inductee
Donnie Shell- Class of 2013 Inductee
Dick Sheridan- Class of 2017 Inductee
Mike Wilson- Johnson Controls

Executive Officers

Board Chairman/President — David S. Wyatt
Vice-President of Operations and Community Programs — Michael S. Foster
Vice-President of Development — Levon Kirkland
Business Planning Consultant — Greg Brown
Office and Marketing Assistant — Anne Wyatt
Inside Blitz with Levon Kirkland Producer — Evan Tripp


Media — Megan Heidlberg
Marketing, Web & Branding Committee — Daniel Beavers
Bridge Builder/Work Readiness Councel Chair — Jay Blankenship
Business Connect — Carmichael Caldwell (Co-Chair)/Earl Thomas (Co-Chair)
Accounting — Drake Curry
Security — Rodney Neely