Bridge Builder- Coming Fall 2018

This is a program that is being developed between the SC Football Hall of Fame (SCFHOF) and the South Carolina Department of Commerce in order to educate and speak to athletes as they make a transition to their next step throughout their K-12 journey. It will essentially be an expansion of the Business Connect program for college football players making a career transition. The plan is to develop a curriculum and program to better communicate the advantages of being a student athlete but also what that student athlete can do to prepare themselves for their next step whether its elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, or high school to college or full-time employment.  The SCFHOF plans to connect distinguished football players and businessmen to this program as a spokespeople for this message and education in order to give back to our community and make for a better city, county, and state! Program is scheduled to launch as a pilot in Fall of 2018 in Greenville County.  More detailed information to come.