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Class of 2020 Members Coach Steve Spurrier, Charlie Waters, Robert Porcher, and Willie Scott talks about "It's not about us" with our 2020 Bridge Builder Excellence Awards Finalists

We honor the state of South Carolina’s football legends, and is a voice for youth, workforce, and community development. We believe that South Carolina students can become Top 10 nationally in college, career, and life readiness by December 31, 2030. It’s more than football….It’s Making A Difference Through Football. #SCTop10N2030

Who We Are

The SCFHOF is a "For Impact" charitable organization.  We honor athletes, coaches, business, and media professionals connected to South Carolina who have made a significant and positive impact through football.

What We Do

South Carolina accomplishments are often overlooked resulting in a lack of respect and opportunities. The South Carolina Football Hall of Fame honors our legends and their stories of success to educate, empower, and encourage our communities.

Bridge Builders

US News.com ranks South Carolina students 43rd nationally in college and career readiness. As such, many students are being left behind and our communities are struggling. The SCFHOF and its Bridge Builder Excellence Program educates, empowers, and encourages students to be successful in their college, career, and life endeavors.

Management of the SCHOF

The SCFHOF, its support, and its programs are maintained, developed, and managed, in part, pursuant to an agreement with Wyatt Sports, LLC d/b/a Wyatt Sports Marketing.


Any person who played, coached, wrote about or otherwise supported football at the highest of levels and either (i) did so in South Carolina, or (ii) did so elsewhere, but is a native of South Carolina, is eligible for consideration.  The SCFHOF Board of Directors have the right to determine eligibility and those being honored in a given year.


Football provides young people with valuable life skills, and a platform for community betterment, but is under attack. The South Carolina Football Hall of Fame (SCFHOF) is a member-supported charity using football to positively develop our community. We rely on our corporate sponsors, members, donors, and volunteers to achieve our mission. Our Team has a wealth of experience and know how to lead and develop our programming and community initiatives.

Levon Kirkland

The SCFHOF includes football greats which all have South Carolina ties. We have been inducting classes since 2013.  Our Class of 2020 of Art Baker, Robert Porcher, Willie Scott, Steve Spurrier, and Charlie Waters will be enshrined in a ceremony tentatively scheduled for the spring of 2021 due to Covid-19 health concerns.  On July 23, 2020 we will be live streaming our 2020 Bridge Builder Excellence Award & 2019 Blanchard-Rogers Trophy (Trevor Lawrence) Presentation from Zen in Downtown Greenville.  This presentation along with the Class of 2020 was initially scheduled to be in April 2020.

Positively Developing our Community

The goal of the SCFHOF is “Making A Difference Through Football.” We do that by educating, empowering, and encouraging our youth and community. Our focus over the next year in servicing that goal is not to just develop the community but change lives in four major ways.

  • Aiding athletes making the transition from the field to their next career through our Business Connect program.

  • Being a catalyst for education and resources for our youth through our Bridge Builder Program

  • Using our resources and influence to aid other Charities

  • Developing a museum and leadership center (MLC) in the Upstate of South Carolina to honor our South Carolina football greats and to provide a leadership center for our innovative workforce and community events, and economic growth here in South Carolina and beyond

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