Dan Reeves

Dan Reeves NFL SC Football hall of fame
Dan Reeves played quarterback for the University of South Carolina from 1962-1964. Twice he was named second team all-conference. He went on to be inducted in the school’s athletic hall of fame in 1977. Reeves signed as a free agent to play football for Coach Tom Landry and the Dallas Cowboys in 1965.  In 1966 Reeves scored 16 rushing touchdowns, tied for the most in the league. He made the playoffs perennially with the Dallas Cowboys including two Super Bowl trips and a victory in Super Bowl VI over the Miami Dolphins 24-3.  Reeves began his legendary coaching career as a player/coach for several seasons which later led him to become the offensive coordinator in 1977. Reeves got his first job as Head Coach with the Denver Broncos and enjoyed a stellar 12 year tenure pairing up with QB John Elway. In Denver he achieved success including three Super Bowl appearances and 110 wins. After the Broncos, he became the head coach of the Giants in 1993 and then in 1997, Reeves took over the Falcons head coaching job where he led them to the Super Bowl in 1998. The two time Super Bowl winner has appeared in the 2nd most Super Bowls (9) in the history of the NFL next to Bill Belichek.